Mumble Diskussioner: Love?

  • Jasmine Green

    mumbled "Love?"

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    I've been gone a while, but here is a new poem I've written - it's quite a personal one if you can't guess.
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    'He says it

    But he doesn't live it

    Those cold tongued words

    That hold me to the

    Eyes closed

    Head closed

    Lips closed


    The ones where

    His breath

    Is more than his feeling

    And the certainty

    Of longing

    Is drifting from his eyes

    Into mine,

    My subconscious spilling from the seams

    Flowing with my


    And frocks;

    The important things.

    It should be dripping


    Through me,


    Suspending me in skylit


    But all it is

    is drowning,

    Abandoning me

    In darkness


    An overflow of feeling

    But a deficit of words'
    1 years ago
    This poem you wrote is amazing! Trust me. I just send it to my bride at and she is confused. Maybe you have some more works to show? Me with my bride in love with poetry.