My First Love

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  • Publiceret: 11 aug. 2018
  • Opdateret: 21 mar. 2019
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Kelsie Rogers, a sweet caring girl. Meets a man by the name of Dylan King. A kind and loving guy. But one thing Kelsie doesn't realize is Dylan, is a stone cold blooded serial killer. What happens when this stranger kidnaps Kelsie? Will she fall for him? Or live a treacherous life?


2. Chapter Two

"H-hello? Uh, a man j-just broke into my house. H-he cut my arm and then put b-blood all over the wall. I- don't know where he is now." I sob into the phone. 

I hear my heart beat. Racing so fast it might pop right out of my chest. My breathing is ragged. I focus on trying to calm myself to an extent. I begin to count to 10. 









I get cut off by a voice on the other line. 

"Okay, ma'm police are on the way. Grab a towel and wrap it around your arm. Hold it there tightly. Police and an ambulance will be there soon."


I sat down on my bed. It’s him. The picture is the exact same. Just how I remember; in the grocery store.

“I can’t believe this is happening. This isn’t possible.” I say in disbelief. 

"I'm so sorry hun, we will get this all figured out. I'm sure of it."

I nod my head as if they can see me. My phone beeped signaling I’ve received a message. I move my arm around awkwardly to reach for my phone. 


A pain reaching up my whole arm.

"What happened sweetheart? Everything okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine."

‘Looking a little stressed. Thinking about me little one?’ I read.

A shiver ran up my spine. Causing my body to have a tingly sensation. I wiggle around to get the uncomfortable feeling to go away.

‘No for your information. I’m not thinking of you.’

‘STOP lying. I can tell by your face.’

I looked around. My windows were closed. And the curtains drawn. So how did he know my facial expressions?

‘Why would you do this? I thought i was your "baby girl" and you'd never hurt me unless you really had to. Why me? Why couldn't it be another girl. Why did you choose me?’ I type awkwardly with my right hand. 

‘Oh, just because. I’ve got tons of reasons. I want you. You’re mine now, whether you like it or not. I own you. I’m not letting you go. No matter what! I hurt you because I've got a plan. A perfect plan indeed. '

‘The cops are on their way. I hope you know that. You must be really fucking stupid. They're going to find you in seconds.'

‘No, they won't. I'm sure of it. My plan is working. Soon they will be there, and everything with be set into place. Then action.’

Tears sprang into my eyes. Threatening to spill over. One then another slowly following not far behind. They kept coming, and they wouldn’t stop. My breathing gets heavier. My voice hitched in the back of my throat. I immediately feel powerless, like there is nothing i can do to stop him. 

‘Please, just leave me alone. I haven’t done anything to you. I swear I won’t tell anyone. Please.’

‘No can-do love bug. You’re mine, I’m not letting you go that easy.’

I sob. Tears springing from my face down onto my shirt. Leaving wet marks. 


My heart stops dead in its tracks. My breathing stops. It's almost as if it was in slow motion.

'Oh my god he wants to talk to me.' I think.

I hang up the phone on 911. Without saying another word to the person on the line. 

‘It’s okay sweets, just answer the phone.’

I take a deep breath of air. Fresh air. Letting it fill my lungs. I slowly breath out. Repeating those same steps a number of times.


I slowly and shakily press the green accept button.

“Hello love.”

My breathing stops once again. My hand starts to shake. My teeth chattering. 

He has a deep raspy voice. It’s scary. The way he talks.

“H-h-hi,” damn you Kelsie! You blew it. Now he knows you’re afraid of him.

“Aww, baby girl. Are you scared? That’s okay, you should be.”

A lump had formed in the back of my throat while listening to him. I gulped causing it to go down.

“Go to your bathroom. I left something for you.”

I felt obligated to do as he says. Or something worse could happen than what already has. 


‘What has he gotten me?’ I wondered.

I slowly and carefully take baby steps towards the bathroom. I place one foot down, i start to lose my balance. So i hurry and place my other foot down next to it. I take shaky toe to heel steps. 

I’m immediately shocked. A beautiful dress is hanging up. It's black, it has a gorgeous sweetheart neck line, and has rhinestones all over it. 

“Oh my god.” I say in a shaky voice.

I go to reach to touch it with my left arm. But am immediately filled with pain. Pain so bad that you'd think you had just had a knife through your gut. Blood drips down to the ground. Creating a puddle. I bring back my arm close to my chest. I wrap the towel around it tighter. I then cradle it to my chest. 

“Keep it. Don’t do anything with it for now. Put it in a box and place it in your closet. It will be used another day.”

“W-what do you mean another d-day?” I say wincing in pain.

“Another day, as in another day. Some time in the future.”

“O-okay.” I say. Too exhausted to argue with him.

I pinch my phone between my shoulder and neck. To hold it still. I then keep my left arm cradled into my chest. While my other arm reaches down to the cabinet underneath the sink. I pull out a box. I grab the dress off the hanger, and place it into the box. Closing the lid i walk to the closet. I place the box underneath a pair of shoes. 

"Good bye my love. They are here. We will meet again soon."


I stand there in pure and utter shock. What do i tell the police? Do i tell them the truth? Or do i lie? I go to turn around. But before i can place my footing. Everything goes black. 

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