Legends of Dirtman

During his Summer vacation, Terrence Turner was out in the woods with some friends when he saw a dirt tornado emerge from the ground throwing around branches and leaves. His friends ran away in terror, but he was left alone intoxicated by the deadly dirt that would soon give him the power to be the dirt tornado, to be able to knock people out in a second with the strong winds. He then at that moment became Dirtman. Terrence would soon go on adventures he could never imagine himself doing and he would defeat the great super villain, Edgar Evil, or so he thought.


5. Search for the Hideout

I followed the woman to the diner she works at and I pretended to recognize her from her working there. I asked her how she was and the usual small talk and I got some food too. I carefully read her name tag so it wouldn't seem so obvious that I didn't actually know her; Anna. Then I walked out and waited for her to either make a phone call to Edgar or to head towards the hideout. Thankfully, It wasn't very long until Anna came out and made a phone call."Edgar, I'll be there after I finish my shift, stop harassing me." It was a little less than an hour before she clocked out and got in her car. I followed her car carefully, close enough to see her, but far enough so she wouldn't see me. I wasn't sure where she was going but it seemed odd, stranded, almost like a trap. This place was in the middle of nowhere. Anna pulled up to a wood area, got out of her car, and start walking towards a certain tree. I kept wondering what in the world she was doing, but I saw her pull down on a hidden lever. It opened up and led to underground bunker. I waited until she got in completely and then I followed her to find Edgar Evil. Edgar was going to be defeated once and for all, all I had to do was find him. Once I got into the bunker, I looked around and noticed it looked like a lab, almost as if they were creating a weapon of some sort. I looked around and saw ingredients and directions to make optime, a type of plasma that tears dirt particles apart, and my weakness. I kept walking through the halls and I heard voices, they were talking about me. Talking about the antidote to my only living weakness and how to avoid me from getting it.

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